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Public Records Database

The local library is a great resource for finding information you need at a low cost or at no cost.  Getting in touch with the right person is crucial to success.  We’re proud to offer the community of Harlan a free resource to search public records.  Whether you need a phone number, an address or information about email or social networks it’s all in one place.

As a patron of the Harlan Community Library, you have access to PeopleSmart’s free public records database. To access public records, follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the PeopleSmart website by clicking here
  2. Enter the public username and password from the library staff.

PeopleSmart.com is a leading public records search site.  We are helping to digitize records and make them available on the Internet at no or low cost.  We have a high respect for privacy as well and have created an online process to allow any person to manage their public identity.  Learn more at http://www.peoplesmart.com/privacy


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