Proctoring Service

Proctoring Service


Students must contact the library director to approve proctoring.

The student is responsible for verifying with the issuing institution that the proctoring staff and procedure for testing meet that institution’s requirements.

The student is responsible for providing all proctoring forms or coordinating between the school and the library to ensure the library director has all needed forms and ensure that the library is approved for proctoring with the school.

Once the library director has approved the proctoring, the student needs to schedule an exam time with the library staff at the Circulation Desk no less than 3 days prior to wanting to take the exam.  Exams pending will be kept on file at the Circulation Desk.    

  • Exams may be taken any time the library is open depending on the availability of library staff.  
  • The student will schedule the exam time to end no less than 30 minutes before the closing of the library.
  • If a student requires special accommodation to complete the exam, Information Desk staff must be advised of this when the exam is scheduled; staff reserves the right to refuse to proctor the exam if it causes strain on staff time or operations.  

Other Provisions

  • The library will retain exams for 30 days.  Any exams which have not been completed will be returned to the issuing institution if postage has been provided; if no postage has been provided, they will be destroyed.
  • The Harlan Community Library is not responsible for any delayed exams or any completed exams once they leave the library.  The student is encouraged to check with the school to ensure that all completed exams were received.
  • Specific proctors cannot be guaranteed.
  • Cell phone use during exams is prohibited.
  • Tests requiring a computer cannot take longer than 120 minutes to complete.
  • Proctors will not monitor the student continuously but may check on them periodically.  The library cannot guarantee that the test taking areas will be quiet.  
  • The student should be prepared with the times required for taking the test. These may include pens/pencils/calculator. The library will provide scratch paper. Only items listed in the exam instructions will be allowed during the test.
  • Proctors will enforce any time or other instructions placed on the exam by the institution or provided for the exam materials. Any perceived violation of rules for the exam will be reported to the educational institution.  
  • If a student is caught cheating on a test or accused of plagiarism, the library reserves the right to deny future proctoring services.  
  • If a student fails to come in for a scheduled test without providing notice, the library reserves the right to deny future proctoring services.  
  • The library reserves the right to deny this service. The library also reserves the right to cancel or change a test date due to inclement weather, computer malfunctions, etc.