Technology Training

Technology Training



The library offers FREE technology training on various topics.

Tech Time 

  • Tech Time is available on Tuesdays from 3-4pm. 
  • Each week there is a specific topic that is offered.
  • There is no sign-up needed.
  • Tech Time is a one-on-one/small group training session.
  • Examples of Tech Time topics include:
    • How to get your pictures off your cell phone or mobile device.
    • Using Excel, PowerPoint and other Office products.
    • Navigating Facebook.
    • Learning how to use OPAC - electronic card catalog.
    • How to use our library's free online reference resources.

Additional Support

  • Library staff is available to assist with other minor questions related to a computer or a mobile device issue.  
  • Assistance is only available by appointment by calling 712-755-5934 and speaking with our Adult Services Librarian.